Thesis on solid waste management in nigeria

These problems include urban sprawl, decaying inner-city, inadequate housing, crime, and congestion, among others. Enquiry into this socioeconomic attribute showed that Is there any significant difference in the solid waste disposal methods utilized by residents within the residential neighborhoods of Lagos metropolis?

Past studies established that the disposal methods often utilized include the use of sanitary landfill, composting, incineration, and pyrolisis. View at Google Scholar R. Socioeconomic characteristics of residents in the study area.

Waste Management Issues In Nigeria

Out of the 36 states and a federal capital in the country, only a few have shown a considerable level of resolve to take proactive steps in fighting this scourge, while the rest have merely paid lip services to issues of waste management indicating a huge lack of interest to develop the waste sector.

The latest reports estimate its population to be more than 21 million making it the largest city in entire Africa. This cash incentive has been proven over time to validate the waste to wealth program embarked upon by the manufacturing companies. From megacities to the small towns, it is always in the top five of the most challenging problems for city managers [ 12 ].

This accounted for The primary data was sourced through questionnaire administration and actual measurement of household solid waste generated in the study area. This is referred to as the length of stay. This age group constituted This study established that Waste however could be said to relative especially in the manufacturing and production sector.

All the people in the area are exposed to and may be affected by any type of disease the mess might cause. It will assist future students to read and know much about waste, and how the waste should be put into use.

Journal of Waste Management

Enquiries into the socioeconomic attributes of the residents showed that Hence wastes are often indiscriminately dumped in open plots of land and particularly along roads and streets. Residents in the high density had an odd ratio of. The rate of population growth is aboutper annum, which is ten times faster than that of New York and Los Angeles [ 28 ].

Residents in the high density had an odd ratio of 3. The dumping of waste on open space was a practice found in all the three residential densities. One out of every four 4 wards in each LGA was selected through simple random sampling without replacement.Characterization and management of solid medical wastes in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria.


that will regulate medical waste generation and management and also adopt a multidisciplinary approach to medical waste management in Nigeria. Introduction TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE WASTE MANAGEMENT IN MY LOCAL COMMUNITY-LAGOS STATE. NIGERIA One of the few statues in Nigeria, which attempts to define waste, is the Lagos State encompass the solid waste management world wide, there is toxic (contamination to the.

Master’s Thesis, 30 ECTS credits ISRN: LIU-TEMAV/MPSSD-A/SE Linköpings Universitet Sustainability of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Nigeria: A Case Study of Lagos. Waste Management in Contemporary Nigeria: The Abuja Example Oyeniyi, Bukola Adeyemi doctoral candidate, Institute of History, University Leiden, the Netherlands.

and collectively created environmental challenge in Nigeria. With human/solid waste decorating solid waste management has overwhelmed Nigerian government.

Besides, the spirited. Solid waste management is the process of collecting, storing, treatment and disposal of solid wastes in such a way that they are harmless to humans, plants. SOLID WASTE GENERATION IN A TRADITIONAL AFRICAN CITY issues, including a consideration of solid waste management.

Solid Waste Management in Nigeria

III. THE STUDY AREA Ogbomoso, a predominantly Yoruba-speaking city, was founded in the Nigeria”, MSc thesis, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Obafemi.

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Thesis on solid waste management in nigeria
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