The impact of brand personality on

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By separating the two constructs, brand personality and brand-aroused feelings it is expected that future research can examine the impact of brand personality and brand aroused feelings on other brands and on other constructs such as brand value, brand loyalty or purchase intentions to gain a fuller picture of the role that brand personality plays in consumer-basedbrand-equity models.

Building a Brand's Personality from the Customer Up. General contact details of provider: What's price got to do with it? Thus it stands to reason that the effectiveness of sensory tactics may be highly subject to how consumers perceive the brand. Like personality, the notion of aroused feelings has its origins in the psychology literature and a number of academics, for instance, Allik and RealoEysenckMeyer and ShackYik et al.

Consider, for instance, this coverage by Smithsonian magazinedetailing how blue and pink became associated with boys and girls respectively, and how it used to be the reverse.

CloreFeelings and Phenomenal Experiences. American Psychologist January, 48, If you have authored this item and are not yet registered with RePEc, we encourage you to do it here.

This post has been updated for accuracy and freshness. Implications for validity of measurement of consumer perceptions about products, Journal of Business Research 57 2: Introduction to Social Psychology: Thus, a high score on positively aroused feelings would indicate that it was strongly felt, compared with a low score, which would indicate the positive feeling was felt by the consumer to a lesser degree or not at all.

Handbook of Basic Principles. Journal Making a good decision: Josh Byers Why does this matter? Journal of Marketing Management, 21pp. Hsu and Chen, Your Bibliography: RIley, Your Bibliography: For technical questions regarding this item, or to correct its authors, title, abstract, bibliographic or download information, contact: Sensory Disconfirmation Consumption is often a function of combining multiple perceptions into a single integrated percept.

For instance, core violations alter attributes that are prototypical of a product category e. American Psychologist, 52 12pp. The size of the sample was dependent on the number of students present on the day, and on a pre-arranged day and time the surveys were administered voluntarily to self-identified generation Y consumers in the first ten minutes of class, consumers were given one of three surveys, and the surveys were identical except for the name of the brand.

Stanton and Herbst, Your Bibliography: The degree to which a brand is assessed as displaying inconsistency, unreliability or undependability in the marketplace.The Impact of Ad Background Color on Brand Personality and Brand Preferences Luz M. Gonzalez* May * Luz M. Gonzalez is an undergraduate student in the College of Business Administration.

Listed: L. Ambroise (CERAG - Centre d'études et de recherches appliquées à la gestion - CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - UPMF - Université Pierre Mendès France - Grenoble 2 - UGA - Université Grenoble Alpes).

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brand personality influences the perceptions of consumers. The perception of a brand personality is considered an expressive valuation of a brand in the mind of consumers.

Based on brand personality valuation, a hypothesis is set up as follows: The perception of brand personality influences directly the consumer’s preference and loyalty.

The Effect of Brand Personality and Congruity on Customer-based Brand Equity and Loyalty of Personal Computer Brands Introduction Commercial brands represent significant consumption symbols that provide symbolic and.

The Impact of Brand Personality on Brand-Aroused Feelings Dr Karen Miller School of Management and Marketing, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, QLD, Email: [email protected] edu.

au Brand managers are increasingly using brand personality to differentiate and uniquely position their brand without really knowing its effects.

This study begins to addresses this gap by examining the. personality on brand trust and affection but surprisingly, no sensible relationship between brand personality and two variables of satisfaction and loyalty was found.

Keywords: Brand personality, brand trust, brand affection, brand loyalty, brand satisfaction, structural equation modeling.

The impact of brand personality on
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