The contrast between athens and spartas area of advancements

Some women held high posts in the ritual events and religious life of Athens where the goddess Athena was the patron. Spartiate citizens were not permitted to own gold or silver or luxuries. During the years B. The efforts by Athens to gain control of its surrounding neighbors led to the Peloponnesian War.

Sparta now systematically garrisoned Attica with a permanent fort at Decelea B. Keeping the citizens illiterate was an easy way to avoid discontent Powell, p Athens fostered creativity and intellectual work among its residents while Sparta expected all men in their ranks to become soldiers.

Athenians believed in their cultural superiority and in their role in an empire and benefiting from trade.

Compare enzyme activity lab report and contrast. At the age of seven the Spartan male was sent to military and athletic school. The men lived most of their lives in military barracks. It was a primitive polis, or city-state.

Post-dinner social gatherings The after dinner parties and social events in Sparta and Athens both admitted only men, but their proceedings were rather different. The helots belonged to the state not to their landlord, so they can be considered a part of the agricultural technology.

Similarities Between Sparta and Athens

The final part of democracy was ostracism, which disabled would-be tyrants from seizing power by exiling them before they gained to much power. Moreover, women were encouraged to give birth with a high preference for a male child so that they can be brought up to join the army. But Sparta and its allies were in no position to maintain an even harsher military hegemony over Greece.

Women in Sparta are very typical of what one may have imagined a woman of Sparta to have been like. Physical training was not unheard of though, and an Athenian woman exercising was not uncommon. Generally, the average evening would be composed of leisurely enjoyment, socializing, story telling and riddles and laughs.

Jecinta Morgan Jecinta is an experienced writer who has been writing for more than three years and she has a degree in Finance and Accounting.- Their society was disciplined, courageous, obedient, and rigid.

Sparta Similarities and Differences between Athens and Sparta The Spartans militaristic government promoted the whole before the part. Similarities between Athens and Sparta Both Sparta and Athens rejected individualism.

Similarities Between Sparta and Athens. November 30,Jecinta Morgan, Leave a comment. Sparta and Athens are a pair of the most recognizable cities in the history of the ancient Greece. Students may be surprised to learn that between and B.C., Athens won more events.

Have students write a newspaper article about an athlete from either nation, noting the type of training he might have undertaken given the city-state that he represented. Read Athens and Sparta Comparison free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Athens and Sparta Comparison.

Peloponnesian War

Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta were the two largest Greek city-states of the Ancient world. They were the biggest /5(1). The Differences Between Athens And Sparta History Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: One similarity between this two cities, were that no women where consider citizens but on Athens they weren’t allowed to own land.

Not all the things between Sparta and Athens were completely different, there were some things which they had.

Difference Between Sparta and Athens

What Are the Differences Between Athens and Sparta? A: Quick Answer. and this was an area where Sparta outperformed all others. Learn more about Greece. Related Questions. Q: How Would You Compare and Contrast Athens and Sparta?

A: The main similarity between Athens and Sparta was their form of government.

The contrast between athens and spartas area of advancements
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