Student and teacher perceptions of the

Boud argued that assessment research should focus on carefully examining assessments as students see it. How Professionals Think in Action.

Influence of Classroom and School Climate on Teacher Perceptions of Student Problem Behavior

This continuum shows that an assessment can span the gap between artificial and decontextualized on the one hand or authentic and situated on the other. The data collected from freshmen and 79 seniors was tested for correlations between aspects of instructor comments, and students' writing apprehension levels.

Recent Research—Gender Differences Between Student and Teacher Perceptions of Ability and Effort

Authentic assessment 4 This study focuses on determining the facets of authenticity by exploring perceptions of authentic assessment in a Vocational Education and Training context.

In a literature review, described in Gulikers, Bastiaens, and Kirschnerthe theoretical approach resulted in a five-dimensional framework 5DF for describing assessment authenticity from an objective viewpoint.

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The influence of assessment on learning, including the pre- post- and true assessment effects, in: In addition to that, the examination of the modification of their behavioral management efficacy beliefs according to the number of teaching sessions, using the paired t-test method, did not reveal statistically significant differences, with the exception of the following case: This was also adapted from Busch, et al.

Physical context The context in which I had to perform the assessment was fake. Wright does something very clever, taking advantage of the fact that students are observed several times and that we know which students are in which classes with which teachers.

An initial factor analysis resulted in 15 factors possessing eigenvalues of 1. Authentic assessment 36 Table 1. A literature study Gulikers et al, showed that authenticity can be, and often is described in very different ways.

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Journal of Educational Psychology, 70, Wubbells along with Korthagen and Kessels point out that an important factor that contributes to the incomplete transfer of the theories taught in the university to classroom teaching practice lies in the failure of prospective teacher training programs to act upon the student teachers' already formed beliefs.

The perceptions of North Carolina student teachers from 47 institutions of higher education with approved teacher education programs were investigated in the fall semester Johnson Abstract The purpose of this study was to analyze demographic and school data, as well as data on the perceptions of teachers regarding the impact that a modified year-round school calendar has on student achievement, student behavior, and teacher efficacy.

The age and educational background of the student respondents Figure 2.

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According to Papoulia-Tzelepito understand the nature of student teachers reflective thinking, it is essential that we employ reflective theory to study the way in which they perceive their student teaching practicum and modifications.

They were asked if the items were readable, understandable and clear for students at this educational level.

Teacher perceptions and race

She was overjoyed to show me and her peers. Review of Educational Research, 68, For example, the assessment task seemed to be more important than the physical context.

It was administered to freshmen enrolled in first-semester English composition classes, as well as to seniors preparing to graduate at a small upper Midwestern university.The purpose of this study was to examine the phenomenon of bullying within schools, specifically perceptions of school social climate and attitudes toward bullying among students and teachers.

The present investigation consisted of two separate phases: (1). Abstract Ninth Grade Student and Teacher Perceptions of Teacher-Student Relationship by Lynda Rose Huggins MA, University of Maryland University College, ii The Impact of Teacher Attitudes and Perceptions of Direct Instruction on Student Achievement in Reading By Sharon P.

Collum A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment. associated with teachers’ perceptions of climate, whereas school-level factors were more closely associated with the students’ perceptions.

Further analyses indicated an inverse association between student and teacher ratings of academic emphasis, and no association between student and teacher ratings of overall climate. The Mentee Perceptions of Student Teaching survey was given to student teachers upon the conclusion of their student teaching experience at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Convergence of quantitative and qualitative data showed that mentoring practices implemented by the mentors supported the development of student teachers.

The shared and unique effects of teacher and student reports of teacher-student relationship quality (TSRQ) in second and third grade on academic self-views, behavioral engagement, and achievement the following year were investigated in a sample of academically at-risk students.

Student and teacher perceptions of the
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